Episode 3 Joan Strassmann

ham_joanProfessor Joan Strassmann is a leader in the fields of sociobiology and social evolution. She was recently elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences. In her research career, along with long-time collaborator and husband Prof. David Queller, she has studied wasps, bees, and now primarily social amoebae. I met with Joan in her office at Washington University in St. Louis to talk about her academic career.

She blogs about academic life at her blog “Sociobiology” and you can follower her on twitter: @JoanStrassmann

(photo from: http://strassmannandquellerlab.wordpress.com/home/photos/)


Future episodes

First of all, thanks for downloading and listening to the first two episodes!

I’m expecting to post new episodes on a more or less monthly basis. I’m going for quality over quantity in the interviews that’ll appear here. Biology professors have busy schedules and I aim to devote a substantial amount of time researching the people who I interview.

Who would you like to hear on this show? Leave a comment on this post and let me know!

Episode 2 May Berenbaum

May Berenbaum: professor, plant biology; entology

This episode is an interview with Professor May Berenbaum. May is a giant in the field of entomology. She’s written several books, is a National Academy of Sciences member, recipient of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, to name only a few of her achievements. Most importantly, she is an incredibly kind person and was more than generous by chatting with me about her career path and the mentors and collaborators she’s had along the way. A great talk with a great person.

Follow May on twitter: @MayBerenbaum

(photo by L. Brian Stauffer for news bureau at the University of Illinois)