2 thoughts on “Episode 5 Eric Pianka

  1. Absolutely right about the root cause of most ecological problems: overpopulation. It became politically incorrect to use the term in the 70s, and that was a tragic error. Don’t know how we could have turned the momentum, but nature will. Note the increasing panic of public health orgs about every new pathogen. Pianka needs a bigger stage.

  2. Nature will fight back. We are drastically over populated. Borders are open, free food and housing, equaling more destruction, and pollution of our ecosystem. In a way, I am glad Ebola is now here, attacking the week, lazy, and those who careless about nature and more about getting “a free ride”. If I had to choose between humans surviving and animals and nature. It would be the animals and nature. Your a wonderful man Erik. Happily living in the “Boon Dock’s”, Diane

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